Advantages of I.D card to students & employees

I.D card is a common object carried by most students studying in various institutes and also by employees in different departments or companies. It is a part of school or college uniform for students in many education institutes.

This I.D. card has some unpredictable advantages many a times. Many of us might have even experienced them but still here is a list of advantages for those who are reluctant to carry I.D. card on regular basis or to the institutes which do not follow the tradition of issuing I.D cards.

ID-caes for advantages for students


Advantages of I.D cards:

A good I.D card has following features.

1. A photo of the candidate within the space available with seal from institute: This is helpful in cases small kids missing. like missing of candidate during a educational tour etc. Based on noticing ID card, it will be easy for those to see the face, identify and bring to the place of request..

2. Name, Age, class or designation of the candidate: This describes the candidate in terms of his present position career wise.

3. Blood group, height and weight of the candidate: This is useful in case of emergency like blood loss etc.

4. Address and phone numbers for contact: This is also helpful if the kids get lost, people who find them can easily inform the parents or school people over phone.

5. If space provides also include important numbers like ambulance, fire, police, etc.  This will be useful in case of health emergency, theft of vehicle or fire accident etc.

6. I.D cards are also issued to delegates of conferences. These carry name of the conference, the delegate name, his place of work etc. This helps delegates know each others identity even without asking for it.

7. Ease for transport personnel: I.D cards help the bus driver of the company or school if the candidate entering the vehicle is of the said institute. It is required when new comers join as drivers can’t always know before hand the new comers.

8. This I.D card is required to be presented to avail some special allowances given by the government, company or an institute. This we can notice in places like military canteens, age concession during travel, allowance to particular library or other facilities for students with I.D card of institute only etc.

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