8 Advantages of Reading Books| A Good Habit and Hobby

Reading books is one of the best habits one can develop.

Books have great have a great significance in humans life.

They help to record the history of mankind and also propagate knowledge to next generations.

Further they are also instruments of business and contribute to economy.

Reading a book gives you many useful benefits.

Before we go further, lets see some quotes related to advantages of reading books.

♣ “It is better to buy a book than to replace a torn shirt“. by a significant social reformer.

♣ “Don’t believe in those who are fond of books”  Henry David Thoreau exclaimed ” . He said it because one of his books was missing after a person visited his cottage. That person might have got interest in books

Advantages of Reading Books

Advantages of reading books


a)  Books add knowledge: Books are bought mainly for this purpose. They are the best mode of imparting education since school days for any one of us. Tough books are found on many topics, the number of books found on education related topics like science, maths, social etc. occupy major share. Even one can know regarding their health and what doctors might prescribe by books on pharmacotherapy.

Books on other topics also impart knowledge of some sort or other. But they are prime means to impart knowledge. So many advice to make reading hobby.

b) Enhances imagination power: Have you ever noticed reading a novel or a story book.

You will find that your mind has framed a pictures of what you read. Supposing the novel you were reading describes a desert or sea related incidents. Automatically your mind frames the images related to them. This is possible even if you have never seen a sea or desert before. But due to the description in the story line the images are formed. Thus reading can enhance imagination capacity. But where can this be useful? Imagination can be useful for those in research and technology related fields. Even it would be good for students reading physics, chemistry and maths as they need imagination skills to understand.

c) Helps you set your mood: This is an area which only books can accomplish without the need of counseling. These books are of next high selling grade. They help set the mood of the reader. Examples include

1. Self help books; Go through the books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad, Magic of Thinking Big, 7 Habits of Successful People, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Tough times never last but tough people do etc”..

These are the books for mental stimulation and encouragement. They teach on aspects like how to be successful in ones life, how to face hardships etc.

Reading these books minimizes negative thoughts, reduce your stress levels. Regular reading help the reader build optimism and approach life with positive attitude. 

So these books help to keep the mood and mind in a positive note. These books contribute to the health benefits of reading.

2. Spiritual books; These books are available in different religions. While some are written by well versed holy men. They give principles for peaceful living.

They can impart peace of mind to the reader besides high end knowledge or wisdom. Ex; The Bible, The Bhagawad Geeta, An autobiography of a yogi, etc.

The specialty of above types of books is a desire to read repeatedly. Though they are read previously, re-reading gives more better insights and happiness.

Thus they can be helpful books for people in times of disappointments, in longing for guidance etc.

3. Novels: These books contain many aspects like romantic, thrill, fiction etc..in course of reading. As long as one studies non stop, his mind is fixed up as per the novel. They can be knowledge giving and entertaining also. They are good way to pass holidays and pass time.

d) Improves vocabulary and grammar:

All the books, publications are screened well for grammar, vocabulary, spelling mistakes etc. by the publishers. So they can be quite perfect in terms of usage of language, grammar, words etc.

Reading them helps reader improve his vocabulary in communication and writing. Since one comes across new words, phrases etc. Reader gets accustomed to use them in his daily language.

Even the sentence formation, use of suitable words for expressing some view will be fine tuned.

e) Enhance writing & speaking skills: It is quite obvious that one who is an avid reader can speak and write a lot. If given a chance he can give a speech or write a column out of his bookish knowledge. Reading gives confidence to the person due to enhanced knowledge. So his speaking and writing skills are improved by reading books.

f) Best friends of loneliness: In times of loneliness, books are the best resort to void off the lonely feeling. Hence even prisoners like to spend time reading books.

g)  Give you knowledge for teaching, social speaking etc.

If one reads suitable books, he gets hints and additional points to include in his seminar or oral presentation. A teacher well prepared will give better lecture than on who is not. This preparation mostly includes from subject related books.

h) Company during travel: Books are the best for pass time. They also impart knowledge and ideas besides a good time pass like in tours, trips or even daily travel to school.

i) Helps you fall asleep: This is a well known fact and experience for many. Book reading is a good sleep inducer.  As the reading tires the brain, the persons doze of while still book in hand.

j) Helps you improve concentration: This is a trick mentioned in a book “Who will cry when you die“. While reading a page in the book mark the word at which you lost attention and again resume to cover with longer attention. On repetition the number of words covered with attention will improve.

So how does reading help your brain? By improving knowledge, imagination, comprehension etc.

Tips for comfortable reading.

1. Read in a sufficient visible light. While reading, i is good to have sufficient light. Or else it will be additional strain on the mind and eyes to read.

2. Have some breaks in between reading: Having breaks in between reading especially novels, story books etc is beneficial as it helps us focus on other important works of the day.

3. Do not read on iPad or tablet or e reader when you can find a hard copy of the book. This is to be considered for the benefit of eyes. Though one can weak anti glare glasses still it is not comfortable to read PDF books on them than reading hard copy ones. Reading a book is a healthy living aspect than reading on laptop or computer.

4. Use some remainders or page break ribbons to continue further reading. This helps you save time from re-searching the pages till where you read previously.

Reading a books also indicates many things like you are literate or learned person.

Books even contribute a lot to economy.

1. There are authors who became rich by writing good or interesting books for society to read. Such is the demand for good books.

2. Even after though we have emails, SMS etc. for convey of information, still postal department is busy. This is because they need to trans locate hard copy of books to their destiny.


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