6 Best Advantages and Disadvantages of Alcohol

Alcohol is known to the humans from very ancient period.

Alcohol basically refers to ethanol or ethyl alcohol

It was and is used in day-to-day life for various purposes besides human consumption.

Many people have different opinions regarding its consumption. But other than consumption its uses are inevitable in present society.

Hence alcoholic drinks are manufactured and distributed in a large-scale under strict government regulations.

Even to minimize the misuse, governments levy heavy excise taxes and also employ excise officer to check the alcohol production, transport and usage in the society.

Of-course tax on alcoholic beverages is one of the biggest source of revenue to the governments in some countries.

Benefits of Alcohol-advantages-disadvantagesAdvantages of alcohol consumption:

Many of them consume alcohol in western countries whereas the people and especially youngsters in Asian countries are in dilemma about it. People who prefer it believe that advantages of alcohol consumption are as below.

1. Relieves mental stress: It is believed to give relief from mental tension after daily activities. Hence consumption provides relief from it.

2. Provide better sleep. Alcohol has a sedative effect and hence drinking alcohol promotes sleepiness.

3. Increases in appetite. Alcohol rises blood flow to the stomach and gut and also a slight irritant locally. This property rises hunger and there by food consumption.

4. Keeps body warm in winter and cold conditions. it rises blood flow to the skin and there by produces warmth.

5. Helps put on weight to those who want to. Alcohol produces a high amount of calories by metabolism in the body and there by adds to fat content of the body. Advantageous to those who are slim.

6. Helps neglect severe pain: During an injury or accident, alcohol intake can make the person less sensitive to physical pain.

Benefits of alcohol:

Alcohol is a good solvent for many extraction procedures. Since it is an organic solvent, it is suitable for extraction of plant constituents, drugs, nutrients etc.

It is a good anti-septic, disinfectant and sterilizing agent. At 70% concentration it is an effective disinfectant to kill all the germs. Hence it is incorporated in most of the deodorants and antiperspirants. It is also believed to reduce sweating.

It is a good preservative. Alcohol presence in any medical preparations is a good preservative as seen in homeo drugs preparations. Drugs or medical preparations stay safe for a long time.

Astringent: It precipitates and denatures surface proteins making tissues soft. In long-term bed ridden patients, it is used to harden bony surfaces of the back.

Cooling agent: Alcohol acts as a refrigerant by cooling the surface applied to. When a pack immersed in alcohol is placed on head, it produces a cooling sensation in times of fever with high temperature.

Reduces pain:  When alcohol is used to massage over a surface of painful muscle regions, it relieves deep-seated pains.

Disadvantages of alcohol consumption:

1. Loss of self-control: Alcohol drinking loses self-control on the body and there by leads to accidents.

2. Damage to liver: Heavy consumption can damage the body organs and systems. Especially liver, stomach, brain are affected. It can also lead to cardiovascular troubles and Blood pressure etc.

3. Nerve damage: It causes slow and progressive degeneration of nervous system. At high concentrations, it can itself damage the neurons.

4. Leads to obesity. It can put on excess weight. This is due to low consumption of calories by the body when one consumes it. Alcohol by itself can also provide calories to body. So other calorie generating food are not used up and leads to accumulation and weight gain.

5. Addictive: It is an addictive and people are prone to it. Leading to disturbance in normal life style.

6. Sedation and death: Alcohol is a sedative, moderate drinking is not a risk but on further heavy consumption it can lead to death.


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