Chevening Post graduate Fellowships to study in U.K

Chevening post graduate fellowships are meant to encourage experienced professionals in different fields to perceive higher education or expose to new avenues in the said field.

So those professionals having a desire to study in reputed universities in their mid-career or higher can apply for the fellowships.

The chevening programme aims at providing fellowships to study Post graduate courses in reputed universities located in UK.

The number of fellowships are very few so one may experience tough competition to qualify.

chevening post graduate fellowsips

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For list of universities in U.K for which student can apply to avail chevening scholarships click the link below

This is programme is funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organisations.

The fellowships are aimed to provide financial assistance to people with prior experience in any field so as to encourage them to perceive higher education.

The fellowships are available for study of

  • Leadership
  • Science and Innovation
  • Cyber Security
  • Journalism
  • Energy
  • Politics.

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The features of chevening scholarships are like

The courses are of short duration like few weeks or months,

To build and enhance relations between the U.K and other countries (native countries of scholar availing the fellowships).

The scholarship cover cost of stay, Visa charges, travel fares, living expenses and any fee for the course of study.

The scholar may need to contact the British embassy for consideration to the scholarships.

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