List of diseases caused by bacteria & protozoa

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Infectious diseases are caused by small microbes invisible to the eye. Bacteria, protozoa, fungi & virus are the disease causing microorganisms in humans. They are widely rampant and very frequent in their happening among the public. They infect seasonally or based on epidemic or regularly due to contamination.

Firstly the illness is a disturbance in the normal well being of an individual or organism. This illness can be due to a disease or a disorder.

Disease is a disturbance in health condition due to some sort of infection by microbes like bacteria, protozoa, fungi and virus. Ex: Common-Cold, tuberculosis, malaria etc. This mostly involves some pain or inflammation.

While disorders are those defective health conditions caused due to malfunction of the body organs or systems. Ex: Diabetes, cancer, heart stroke etc. Here one feels uneasy and normal healthy life style is disturbed.

Microbes which cause disease (pathological condition) are termed pathogens.

The diseases caused by microbes can be lethal based on the extent of damage to the body organ, the organ of the body affected and also the virulency of the pathogen.

Diseases caused by bacteria: Bacteria causes wide set of diseases both in animals and plants. Most pf the diseases caused by bacteria are life threatening and/or very damaging to the affected organ. Further bacteria are responsible for communicative diseases. But in the present medicine we good drugs namely anit-biotics for effective treatment of bacterial diseases

List of diseases caused by bacteria  in humans include:

Face: Acne (pimples), Otitis (ear infection)

Eyes: Conjunctivitis.

Brain: Meningitis.

Throat: Diphtheria.

Lungs: Pneumonia, tuberculosis (TB), bronchitis

Heart: Endocarditis- an inflammation of lining of heart.

Stomach: Gastric Ulcer.

Intestine: Dysentry (loose motions with pain), cholera

Urinary tract: Nephritis, prostatitis, epididymitis.

Sex organs: Syphilis, gonorrhea.

Blood: Typhoid, tetanus, plague etc.

Skin: leprosy.

List of diseases caused by bacteria  in Plants include:

Blight of paddy, citrus canker, angular leaf spot in cotton, Tumors in plants, rot in vegetables etc.

Anti-biotics  are used in treatment of bacterial diseases. But many of them are difficult to treat due to resistance by bacteria to drugs and also their cell structure.

Diseases caused by protozoa:

Protozoa are microbes which are single celled organisms. They cause wide variety of diseases and their pathogencity is relatively less severe than bacteria.

Examples include

Mouth: Gingivitis (infection of gums),

Brain: Amoebic Encephalitis.

Stomach & Intestine: Amoebic Dysentery (loose motions with pain).

Urinary tract: Nephritis, prostatitis, epididymitis.

Blood: Malaria

Some other infections include

Giardiasis an intestinal infection

Trichomoniasis with symptoms like vaginitis, blood in urine etc.

Toxoplasmosis spreads form cats to humans.. causing encephalitis. It is fatal if untreated.

Trypanosomiasis which causes sleeping sickness, fever etc. which can infect brain, lymph, heart, spleen etc.  It is fatal infection unless well treated.

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