Gate Question Papers: For self evaluation & practise

GATE is graduate aptitude test of engineering is an exam conducted to engineering students every year.

It is intended to screen the candidates taking admission for M.Tech with a scholarship for 24months.

To prepare for the exam many students opt for coaching. But  I recommend just use your books and have previous exam papers for self assessment during preparation.

There are many books in the market with previous gate question papers.

Some of them have only questions, while some with both questions and solutions while others have even proper reasoning of why the solution is right.

The GATE question paper is of objective type and present model consists of 65 questions equivalent to 100 marks.

Though the success in this competitive exam pattern seems like attempting the paper with hard preparation will yield results, in fact this is not so.

The preparation also requires practicing solving GATE question paper either of previous ones or any institute based model papers.

Advantages of solving Gate question papers:

Improves time management– The questions paper practice will help a candidate improve his time management in answering the paper.

When one reads the question paper for the first time, there are many thoughts and reasoning for each question on finding the best answer among the available choices.

So in doing so the candidates have general tendency to write slowly leading to not able to answer all the question in the paper.

This leads to a big failure if the other candidates answer all the questions while he is not.

This problem is not only meant for any one particular branch of GATE subjects but for almost every subject like even basic sciences etc where the only way to write is juts know the answer before hand and you don’t need to calculate any problems to obtain solution.

Improve calculating & analysis speeds. In most of the subjects of  engineering branches, the calculation and analysis of problems given are big time consumers. So if a person is slow in calculation, he automatically falls behind others by  not attempting all the questions. Practicing question papers help improve the speed.

Helps you correct mistakes: If the paper is answered well before the 3 hour time period, then one can recheck the entire answer sheet for any possible mistakes. Some questions which are left unanswered due to lack of knowledge etc. can also be answered after thorough thought about them.

Some question are not easily understandable or seem to be indirect, these type of question can be tackled due to the obtained experience in wring the previous paper.

So answering previous gate question papers or similar papers from any institute designed for the purpose really helps add value to your hard work involved in correction. Though we cover the syllabus, many candidates fail to answer the question paper properly leading to decrease in their score and also rank.

there are many institutes providing gate question paper for practice. You may check to see if they meet your requirements.

Getting better rank helps one achieve seat in a better institute like IIT’s etc. So losing few marks can drastically change your rank and chances of getting a good seat or in a good institute. By making mistakes even if one loses half mark, his rank will be displaced by 2 to 10 ranks some times. So it is better to have thorough preparation for the exam i.e covering the prescribed syllabus, solving gate question papers, discussing with colleagues about the topics and doubts etc.

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