Have healthy (strength) food and not just belly full

Eating belly full is supported if you have a active lifestyle, healthy body and low age i.e.- below 20 years. Eating belly full has some disadvantages like acidity due to indigestion, irritation on the heart etc. Eating should be stopped before you feel your stomach is filled.
But this does not mean that your diet should be compromised. One needs to include more of protenacious food and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates for energy and proteins for body growth and manage body wear and tear.

Belly full

David Castillo Dominici,

This sort of eating minimizes acidity, gastric distress, heart burn etc. It also reduces the chances of indigestion and also prevents formation of pot belly and also fat build up.
Some other tips include:
Walk a bit after meals instead of direct rest. Walking after meals helps keep the digestive tract motile for active assimilation (digestion) of food and its movement in the gut.
This also helps relieve any gases in the gut which might have entered while eating or formed due to digestion.

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