Importance of English| as a Language & in Education

English is a language of world wide presence, acceptance and accommodated into technology.

English has been spread by the British rule all over the world.

It was enforced to be taught in education and all the laws and rules meant for enactment were published in English.

So there was an inevitable need for the local people of English ruled countries to learn the language.

Though the English rule was not acceptable to the natives of respectable countries, the English language stayed with them as it was a easy means of communication even in between nations of different languages. Further English has played important role in education.

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Importance of English as a language:

1. English for spread of information:

a. English language has so wide presence that, it helped in easy exchange of information by like news papers, novels, books of social prominence etc. This helped in easy spread of information world wide.

b. Further there are scientific, cultural and art related organizations which try to coordinate the knowledge world wide with use of English language.

2. English for extension of busyness and economy:

a. Due to English being a common language, it was easy to for businesses on world wide scale. For instance the health care sector, stock markets, advertisements, software, banking, petroleum products, biotechnology have wide wide presence due to English as common means of communication.

b. There are many world famous other and scientists who by their writing in English language could gain world wide reputation. Further since their books like novels, journal were written in English, they had world wide sale and accumulate huge money. This could have not been possible if written in native language and books were sold in the native country alone.

c. Even there are many institutes, books etc. to teach English to people. These options also act as good revenue sources.

3. English for spread and advancement of technology:

a. English is a boon for technology progress and application. You can find a computer or iPad like devices with English commands and they are used by people of all the nations due to ease of use as customers knew the English language.

b. Further the technology could be easily spread as scientists from one country could go to other and help the host nation in development of technology as the means of communication was English.

4. World wide employment opportunities:

a. Because of English language, many people started migrating from developing countries to developed ones as they could easily work their due to knowledge of English. Hence you can find many migrating to United states, canada and Europe from other countries to get and work there due to their skills in English.

b. To a person with sound knowledge in English it is possible to work from home through a computer for clients from other countries. Some of the jobs include, data entry, medical transcription, free lance writing etc.

Importance of English in Education:

1. English minimized the differences in standards of education:

Though every nation seemed to instill modern or scientific education, there was huge difference in standard of education between the developing nations and the developed ones. So you can find many US and UK related universities in top ranks in education.

But this gap was largely minimized due to usage of some standard books as common by students of all the countries. For ex: Grays anatomy, Guyton’s Physiology used by medical students, Vogel’ s analysis used by chemistry students world wide. Use of same standard books for a subject minimized the knowledge differences among students world wide. This was again possible because these books were exclusively written in English.

2. English helped students to study abroad and get knowledge of their interest if particular course was not available in native countries.

a. Not all countries could offer all the courses in their universities. For instance Astro-biology is present in very few countries like US and if a student of other countries are willing to learn the subject, they could apply there with their English language as one of their eligibility.

b. Similarly now a days there are student exchange programs between universities of different nations for better exposure of students in particular subject or field. This is again made easy due to English knowledge among the students.

3. English helped in easier spread of education:

a. In under developed countries like Africa, the education is spread in faster rate in the recent past. This was possible because those countries invite professors, educationalists and experts of different subjects from developed countries to impart knowledge in their countries. Again the medium of instruction is English there, so the spread of education was easier.

b. Even use of books written in English by foreign author’ s in remote places like developing countries helped in easy spread of knowledge.

Thus importance of English language is immense in development of the world.

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