Who Invented Television: Advantages & Disadvantages of Television

Television is a wonderful invention of the past century.

Television which was once considered a luxury is a need presently.

It has become a mandatory requirement in today’s human life.

It will be difficult to find a descent home without a television.

Television is an object of high scientific technology.

From the time of invention, the technology involved in its operation and features to provide better service have greatly improved.

Then who invented television?  There were many contributors in invention of television but the credit goes to J.L. baird (in full John Logie baird). He did lot of advancements in the outcome of television with movable images which was not existent till his invention..

Advantages of Television :

1.It is a good pass time in the present society of busy and lonely lifestyle. And also in times of waiting like in air ports, railway stations before journeys and also during the journeys.

2. It is a good source of employment for many actors, technicians.

3. If used rightly within limits, it is a great source of knowledge and pass time.

4. As an advertisement media it is a good source product promotion for today’s market. Also provides monetary benefits to advertising agencies.

5. A check on robbery in shopping malls, banks etc. due to video recording and live television display of happenings in the premises.

6. Provides an option for live match viewing for games like Olympics, soccer,  cricket etc.

7. It can be used by government to alert people regarding any issue that it feels necessary.

Disadvantages of Television :

1. It is a great time loser for those who are addicted to it. This is especially seen in school going children, unemployed, house wives, old age and retired people.

2. Since it keeps a person immobile for a long time, it reduces physical activity and may be the reason for diseases. In a recent scientific study, it was shown that those who view television are more prone to diabetes.

3. The power consumption has raised greatly due to extensive use of television. This leads to heavy thermal and dust pollution. This pollution is due to requirement of high amount of power generation by power plants to meet the demand.

4. Increase in plastic pollution. most television sets are now a days made of plastic and their disposal adds to environmental pollution due to heavy plastic used in them. Also many heavy metals like lead are used in their manufacture. So it is important not to dispose them off carelessly. Instead one should handover to the company concerned for safe disposal.

5. Effect of radiation on eye. Television sets emit good amount of radiation visual range. This damages the eye, especially in children due to intense strain by watching.

 6. It also decreases social get together. Previously since there were no television sets, people used to pass the time with friends and neighbors. but now due to television people have lost social gatherings.
7. Also people give up some good habits like reading books, writing etc. They tend to habituate to video games on television, daily serials etc. Some good habits are lost for sake of T.V. Many people have become addicted to T.V.

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