Is Our Education System Effective?

Education system is the main factor for many people to make up a career.

Many students who come out with degrees in hand from colleges do not have complete knowledge of what they have studied.

This is because they have gone through books which have short summary of every topic. Be it in science, maths, social studies or what ever the trend is same.

This is in such a way that they were fit to pass their final exams and obtain qualification certificates with a distinction if possible.

Though this process seems to be normal, in the recent years it was found that there were many medical graduates who did not know how to administer an injection to the patient. Since they also lack dissection skills, their surgical talent is also low. So when a medicine graduate comes from abroad, the local medical education bodies conduct an exam to see if they are fit to practice in that nation.

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Even there are engineers who cannot go for a land survey or design a building without the guidance of their superiors or lower technicians. So the recent pass outs from college have less knowledge than the education qualification they claim.

If this trend continues, then we will have many graduates unfit for innovations, research and multi-talented tasks.

Reasons for the question “Is Our Education System Effective?”

1. Many schools focus on number of students passing out instead of evaluating how much they have learnt.

2. Further the regular books available for study only have limited knowledge which students needs to pass his exams. So most students mug up for exams from the books instead of understanding the whole concept. Many of them will not have come across standard books from experts in the field of study.

3. On the other side, even teachers are asked to only see that students can clear the exams. They need not impart too much knowledge even if they knew it. And it will also be a waste of time.

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4. The parents also decide the school to admit their children, just based on the percentage of qualified students in the previous year exams from that school. They are least concerned about the quality of teacher available in the school and what their child will be taught there.

5. Interestingly even the school management orders their teachers to make students efficient to just clear the exams with distinctions. Their focus keep up their business is to produce students with a degree at hand. In public schools the strength is low compared to private schools due this reason alone.

So it is like entire education system is just there to produce students who know a glimpse of everything but not efficient in nothing. Their main focus is to help them grab some professional courses so as to make into a decent job.

So in other way it can be said that, the education system is focusing on producing educated workers instead of  developing learned thinkers, innovators or scientists at large. And in other sense our education system is not effective.

But in developed countries like U.S there are more and more students opting for home education instead of going to school and it is said that the home educated children out perform than those going to school.

If not in the near future, we can see many students opting for home and online education instead of going to schools.

So improving education quality first starts by changing the goal of  education i.e for learning and mind maturity but not for sake of getting a job alone.

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