Kidney Stone Symptoms & Signs

Kidney stone symptoms are a bit familiar and can be easily guessed with its symbolic severe back ache and scanty urination. The problem of kidney stones is seen even among younger people now a days due to inactive life style, improper nutrition, water intake. These stones in the kidney are formed due calcium deposit in the kidneys & hence termed as renal calculi.The stones can be present in the kidney, ureters or urinary bladder. The kidney stone formation is dangerous sometimes and is one of the important causes of mortality.

Kidney Stone Symptoms:

Back ache or ache around the waist: This is a prominent and common symptoms of kidney stone. The pain can be very immense and arises abruptly and mostly subside or decrease once the patient vomits or goes for motions.

Frequent and/ or scanty urination: The patient has a tendency to urinate and has the feeling of fullness and urgency but when he goes for the expulsion, the out put volume is low. Moreover there is most chance of burning sensation during urination.

Fullness of stomach:There is a feeling of fulness of stomach and hence the patient is not desirous to take food or even water. But in case of kidney stone condition, one has to take sufficient water to help dissolve the stone and aslo expel it.

The patient may suffer from being unable to sleep or even have restlessness due to sever pain around the waist. He may even feel weak due to insufficient diet as he will not like to have sufficient food due to fullness and also fear of vomiting.

During these conditions patient must try to have sufficient water to provide for easy stone dissolution and there by quick recovery.

If it is in early stages, these kidney stones can be removed by medication and proper nutrition and water intake and if the case is sever, then one can think of kidney stone surgery.

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