Role of Teacher in Education & Student’s Life

Teachers importance in students life is very valuable. The teacher student relationship is the key for proper social development. Any person with experience, vision and constructive thoughts can enter the teaching profession.

As per Aristotle, teacher means…

Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well.

Role of teachers today is diverse and has spread to almost every occupation. A teacher can give benefits but, if his idea is wrong or is unfit to give the guidance, he can be disastrous to the student and society.

In many instances of a successful student who is backed up by a teacher, the relation in between seems to be very harmonious with complete dedication and affection of the teacher for the student. This phenomenon had never been other way.

# role of teacher in education, society and student life

Teachers affection helps students overcome their inhibitions

Role of Teacher in Education

Teachers role in Education is invaluable. The education is necessary for politicians, businessmen, artists, farmers, religious groups, students etc. for their respective career growth. Some of the great teachers were the cause of political and industrial revolutions around the world. Their vision helped various societies to gain self-sufficiency and financial freedom. Some of them helped in spread of knowledge and establishment of good educational institutes.

Education is vast and it has grown to a large extent in last century. Many fields in science, commerce, arts have come up and the area of study is very large.

1.Teacher has to imbibe the education of his subject to a complete extent possible to deliver when needed.

2.Teacher can write books, articles, conduct seminars etc. to publicize the education needed to society.

3. The education system has to be designed and taught so that the learner can do some sort of service to society by his education.

4. The education has to be imparted to pupil within short time period, in a most understandable way using effective teaching strategies like academic software.

5. Avoid creating confusion regarding education in students and society. Due to many courses available for study, there is also good level of confusion among parents and students to select the courses of study.

6. An ideal teacher has to set himself or herself as role models for upcoming teachers.

Role of teacher in students life

Teacher plays an important role after parents in molding the students. Students are to be handled with affection and courtesy. The students point of view must always be considered once before we apply ours’ on them.

1. An ideal teacher should be impartial, disciplined, not affected by respect, insult and at all times be courteous and abide by his duty.

2. The teaching should be done from their level, for their level and to upgrade their level and not the reverse like from our level, to our level so as to leave them empty mind about what we teach.

3. Teaching should be done by reference to more good standard textbooks for each topic in the subject. This helps student get complete and reliable information.

4. Role of teacher in classroom includes to provide proper encouragement for pupil. The student must feel free to approach the teacher to discuss issues. Also encourage them to take notes of the class.

 See advantages of note taking.

5. Use of effective teaching strategies like chalkboard, videos, pictures, animations are to impart the knowledge in a easy manner and also let them stay attentive in class.

6. Teacher has the duty to make the student stay in right position of his career growth.

7. Teacher has to let the students understand where they are going, what are their future prospects, growth.

8. Every student is prone to have some negative qualities or traits in his behavior or thought or understanding etc. Teacher role is to help student overcome this negative trait and this is possible by sheer affection and attention on the student.

9. Teacher can solve many of the problems of the student in respect to his thoughts, behavior, career etc. It is a phrase that

The relationship between a teacher and student should be like a fish and water but not like a fish and fisherman.

Give respect and take respect is the phrase for society… But in a student and teacher’s relation… It Becomes

Give affection & attention and take respect and regards  from student.

Role of teachers in schools

In a school, teacher is the parent of student, he is also a part of set of teachers. He must try to encourage student welfare programs with the support of his colleagues. Students generally try to keep a watch or notice on teacher’s life so, a teacher has to maintain good set of manners and try to be role models. This not only helps students but also their regard and reverence towards the teacher is always maintained. In case students parents wish to meet them, the teacher must be always ready to listen to them and cooperate in the students welfare with them. Teacher should encourage not only study related activities but also sports, extracurricular activities and also education trips be given place in the school life of the student.

Since there are chances for students to imitate their teacher or get inspiration from them, the teacher should try to balance his mindset by not showing fear, anxiety, over excitement etc. He must maintain his coolness and be of composed mind.

Finally anyone can take the role of teacher like father/mother to the son, spouse to his partner, teacher or lecturer in the education system, Seniors in business, politics etc. But the role should be played with dedication, sincerity, affection and last but not least patience.

So it implies that a career of teacher should not be taken up just for a job but for aspects like self satisfaction and social development.


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