Scholarships in USA 2016 for natives

There are many scholarships to study higher education in united states.

The different types of scholarships available like partly funding, full funding etc.

Here we list out the available scholarships for the native Americans for the year 2016.

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota scholarships:

The scholarships are available for first year entrants and also transfer candidates. The scholarship is renewable for 3 years. The scholarships vary from $12000 to $20000. These scholarships are awarded in different names based on CGPA of the candidate.

For more details and application visit Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota page.

Rhodes scholarship application for US students:

This scholarship program is meant for US students. The current scholarship application is for the year 2017. The application starts from early July and deadline is 5th October-2016.


  1. Must be US citizens by law.
  2. Above 18 years but no more than 24 years.
  3. 5 letters of recommendations.
  4. Endorsement from your college or university.
  5. Personal statement etc.

For more details visit the Rhodes scholarship page. Scholarship:

A single scholarship worth of $1000 meant to spend for education. It is meant for US citizens only.

Application deadline is July-31st-2016.

For more visit Peterson’s page.

Hispanic dental association scholarship:

Students in education with a goal to enhance oral health are awarded this scholarship.

The last date for application is 15th September 2016.

For more details visit their page here.

American Health Information Management Association: dissertation support scholarship.

This is an annual scholarships offered to those who are in their doctoral degrees. The intention is to attract new talent into health information management industry.


  1. Must be a member of American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).
  2. Enrolled and pursing a doctoral degree in health related areas like health information e, health informatics or a program related to the HIM discipline at an accredited school in the United States.
  3. Should be actively enrolled and pursuing a doctoral degree.
  4. Successfully defended dissertation proposal, confirmed by the candidate’s advisor.
  5. Or Candidate is currently in the stage of collecting data but has not defended dissertation.

Application starts July-1st 2016. The deadline for submission is September 30, 2016. For more details and application visit AHIMA page.

University of Alaska Anchorage scholarships:

There are scholarships which can be applied all over the year. Few of them are to be applied in deadline time frame of Feb-15. Currently the scholarships applications are being accepted for the academic year 2017-18.

Oregon State University Libraries & Press providing travel scholarships:

This is a scholarship for a single graduate student to attend OpenCon 2016. The conference date is November 12 to 14, 2016.

For more details and applications visit here.

Southern Illinois University General Scholarship Application

This scholarship is awarded by Southern Illinois University Academic Scholarship Office. It is meant for current freshmen. The application deadline is Dec-1st. The selection is based on qualifying credentials. For more details visit Southern Illinois University page.

Morgan Stanley’s Richard B. Fisher Scholarship:

This is a scholarship which rewarding financially and also provides beautiful opportunity to perceive and internship at Morgan Stanley. The amount for the selected candidate is $15,000. The selection is based on exceptional academic performances.

Students who are sophomores, college juniors and majors from any discipline are eligible to apply for the scholarship. But one has to see if they will benefit from the internship at Morgan Stanley as part of their career to make a decision.

The application deadline is of 3 dates viz. June 26th, October 2nd, and November 6th but a student should apply for any one of the deadlines.

For more details, visit the university of Michigan page.

College Bound Scholarship by Washington Student Achievement Council:

This is a scholarship aimed at students of low income group who are willing to go for college. The family income of the students should not be more than 65% of median family income.


  1. Should be an undergraduate student.
  2. Must be an US citizen.
  3. Residents of Washington.
  4. Should be studying within Washington.
  5. Should be a graduate from any of the Washington high school with a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

The application deadline is 30th June-2016.

For more details visit Peterson’s page.

Robert O. Wagner Scholarship

This is meant for professional who are engaged in Zoo, aquarium and related facilities. These professionals are given scholarship to take up Association of Zoo’s and aquarium (AZA) Professional Training Program.

Deadline for application is July-15-2016.

For more details visit AZA site.

SCAD Atlanta scholarship:

This is a scholarship meant to help those students who have financial strains to study. This is a more of a financial help based scholarship. This helps a student complete his education without worries of financial demand in education. For more information please visit this page.

Rotary Club of Lockport scholarships: These are scholarships worth of $10000. This is awarded for 3 students in the year for helping with their studies. Each student will be given a scholarship of $2000 for four years. The offer is meant for Lockport High School seniors who plan for post graduate studies. For more details and application visit this club page.

Transfer merit scholarships by University of Maryland.

These are scholarship meant for those merit students who are willing to transfer to study at University of Maryland.


  1. Must be a new transfer student at university of Maryland.
  2. A resident of Maryland.
  3. Having a CGPA of of 3.5 or higher for all college work,
  4. Should have or about to complete an associate degree from Maryland community college.
  5. Good English language proficiency.

For those willing to apply for spring can obtain application from Feb-1st. The fall program has already begun. For more details and choice of study visit the university page.

University of Pittsburgh academic scholarship

New freshmen of US are eligible for University academic scholarships. The student must submit a completed application for admission by Dec-15th.


  1. A min. SAT score of 1450or 33 ACT with overall average of A.
  2. Excellence in academic and non-academic activities and more.

The scholarship is of $2000 worth and renewable if the GPA is of 3.0 or above for about eight terms.

For more details visit the University of Pittsburgh page.

The Chanticleer Scholarship:

This is a scholarship for those who are employed at public gardens. The intent of scholarship is to help gain better knowledge and leadership skills for innovative purposes in gardening. This is a program aimed for encouraging those who are already working in the area of gardening.


1.  Must be employed in a public garden.

2.  Must have a minimum of 3 to 5 years experience in public horticulture.

3.  Support of their employer and demonstration of commitment.

The application deadlines are July-1st and then next one on Nov-1st. For more details and application, visit the page.

Texas Armed Services Scholarship:

This scholarship meant to encourage students towards military services. Those who are selected will have to take up 4 years of Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC program). This is a state sponsored scholarship and one has to finish their course with it. If not, the fund has to repaid by the candidate.


1. Must be on track to graduate high school in a Distinguished Achievement Program.

2. International Baccalaureate program with GPA 3.0 or higher. Ranked within first 3 ranks in the college. Have achieved a college readiness score on the SAT (1070) or ACT (23).

3. Must be enrolled in eligible Texas institution and an eligible ROTC program.

4. Written Commitment to: Remain in ROTC for four years, graduate within six years. Also, to enter a Guard service or accept a commission with the armed services within six months of graduation from college.

For more details regarding the scholarship visit the page.

Texas A&M University-Texarkana Student Ambassadors Scholarship:

This scholarship helps the students to refine their leadership skills, intellectual growth. The recipient will represent the university and promote A&M-Texarkana.

The candidates should submit an application along with a letter of recommendation from a teacher by 5th Auf at 5PM.

For more details and applications visit the Texas A&M university.

NBCE Student Scholarship Competition – summer 2016. By University of Logan.

Student enrolled in a U.S., CCE-accredited, chiropractic degree program is eligible to apply for a $2000 scholarship. There are a total of 3 scholarships. To apply one has to

  1. Submit an essay on humanities relating to chiropractic
  2. A letter of reference from faculty member or administrator.
  3. A letter from registrar proving you enrollment and good academic standing.

For more details visit this page.

Kentucky State University: St. Catharine Transfer Incentive Scholarship.

This is a scholarship of $ 900 plus book stipend for one year (from fall 2016 to spring 2017).


  1. Be a US citizen
  2. Should be admitted to Kentucky State University.
  3. Enroll as a full time student
  4. Have completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

For more details visit the page here.

Gates Millennium Scholarship

For Qualified Graduating High School Students.


  1. Must have a minimum GPA of 3.3.
  2. Must be a U.S citizen or eligible non-U.S citizen.
  3. Willing to enroll as a first year student in an accredited college or university.
  4. Should meet the Federal Pell Grant eligibility criteria.

For more details visit GMSP.

2016-Jurewitz Law Group Scholarship.

This is a scholarship worth of $500 which is non-renewable. It is meant for that student who is graduating, recently graduated or even high school seniors across the U.S who will enter college this coming academic year. They must have a minimum GPA of 3 and be a US citizen.

Franklin College offers academic scholarships:

This is a scholarship with an amount of $2500 to full tuition fee offer. It is renewable for a maximum of 8 semesters. One should be enrolled for full time graduate course at frankln college for consideration to the award. The award is based on the merit, academic record and leadership skills.

For consideration of award of scholarship, one has to

  1. Submit an application with all the requirements
  2. Must be done before 31st of Dec. Those who do it latter would be considered for rolling award till the strength is full.

Besides one can also check out other scholarship offers by Franklin college like

  1. Benfranklin scholars
  2. Distinguished deans scholarship
  3. Discovery scholarship.

For more details and application, visit their scholarship page.

The University of California Hastings General Scholarship Fund:

This is scholarship award meant exclusively for the benefit of UC Hastings JD students.

The amount is in the range of $400 to $100.00. The scholarship is meant for those who have genuine financial need. These students must have proven academic achievements, volunteered service to the community or UC Hastings.

For more details and application, go to this page.

Ted Rollins Eco Scholarship:

This is a single scholarship worth of $1000. It can be used for payment of tuition fee.

Those students who are pursuing their studies in the field related to sustainability are eligible.


  1. Must be an undergraduate student.
  2. Should be studying Environmental Health, Advertising/Public Relations, Journalism, Business/Consumer Services, Environmental Science, or Marketing.

For more detail visit the page here.

National Institute of Justice LEADS scholarship program 2016.

This scholarship is awarded for law enforcement officers with an objective to integrate research in their work. The NIJ will award 10 scholarships based on merit for mid-rank law enforcement officers.

For more details, eligibility and application visit NIJ’s page.

Delaware scholarship application for 2016 – 17.

This aid is a scholarship for those who are residents of delware. The program includes college funds, loan programs tuition assistance and more. Currently the aid programs are open and one can apply for.

Currently the scholarships are available for nursing, teachers, librarians and also health professionals.

Besides, there are further programs of study and opportunities to apply through. For more details and application, go to the Delaware scholarship page.

Stipend for teaching computation in the sciences using MATLAB.

This is a stipend for those interested in attending workshop on computation skills using MATLAB in the sciences. For more details and application visit the page.

Recycling Research Foundation scholarships

This scholarship is given by a non-profit institute concerned with recycling of waste. IT has two scholarships as

National foundation scholarship and veteran scholarship.

The national foundation scholarship is of worth $ 5000 and veteran scholarship is of $8000.

The national foundation scholarship is meant for student who is taking degree which is applicable to scrap recycling industry.
While, the other is for those retired army personnel who have served the United States.

The last date is 1st June-2016.

For more detail visit their site.

Christian Education Leadership Academy scholarship:

A Scholarship worth of $3000 will be provided for each student who enroll through 5k to 8.

For more details visit CLEA home page.

Mercy College: Scholarship and Career Opportunity for Veterans

This is meant for US armed forces veterans to gain a certificate in teaching. This indirectly helps them to get a career opportunity.

Those who have a strong math’s back ground can opt for the program. They will be assisted by senior teachers in the field.

This leads to a certification in teaching.


  1. A Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 24 credits in mathematics
  2. GPA of 3.0 or better
  3. Also a commitment to teach for two years in a school.

A scholarship of $32,800 is given to support the tuition program.

GITA Mid-Atlantic chapter is again awarding scholarships:

These are scholarships meant for students who are residents of US/ Canada. They can be graduates in geography or not but their further studies must have significant geospatial component. The candidates should study within US and Canada only.

For more details go to this page.

Hannibal-LaGrange University scholarships:

This is meant for students who are seniors and attending high school within a radius of 50 miles of the university. Residential students get $10,000 scholarship while commuters receive $ 6500 scholarship.

For more details and applications visit this Hannibal website.

NYC Born & Raised’ College Scholarship

This as the name indicates is specifically meant for those who are born and brought up in new York. This is a scholarship worth of $2,500. It is meant for students who are seniors in high school within new York. It is given for tuition fee and other educational expenses only.

The deadline for scholarship is 1st August 2016.

Check out for application and more details check this page.

Northwest Merit Scholarship

This is a scholarship in the range of $1000-$3500 USD provided Northwest Missouri State University. It is meant for under graduate students. Those who qualify SAT or ACT exam are eligible. This excludes to study from the university itself.

The deadline for application is 1st of July or 1st of Nov as the semester goes.

For more details and application go here.

Sofia university scholarships:

The sofia university of California is pleased to offer scholarship.

There are about 5 different set of scholarships aimed for different types of students.

Most of them accept application till June-1st-2016. While some of them accept it all round the year. Even few of them accept it till June-1st -2017.

Though few scholarships are meant to be received only if your study at sofia univ. But other are meant to study at any place in US.

One needs to submit an essay, income verification form along with online application form.

For more details and applications, go to sofia university scholarship page.

Scholarships and awards from Scheller college of Business:

Scheller college of Business is offering scholarships for both current students and freshmen.

For current students:

For current students below are the scholarship/award details.

  1. Battle award:


  1. The student from any business concentration.
  2. GPA must be more than 3.5(cumulative).
  3. Must be a senior.
  4. He should hold leadership roles on campus.
  5. The student has involvement and service towards Georgia tech and the community.

2. Chambless wilberne McGill perseverance Prize:


  1. The student from any business concentration.
  2. GPA must be more than 2.5(cumulative).
  3. The student may be a senior or junior.
  4. Demonstration towards extreme overcome hardship as a tech student.

3. ConocoPhillips scholarship:


  1. The student from Finance concentration.
  2. GPA must be more than 3.0(cumulative).
  3. The student may be a senior or junior.
  4. The student must have interest in finance or quantitative trading strategy.

4. Dow chemical- PC Mccutcheon Prize for outstanding achievement in business:


  1. The student from any business concentration.
  2. GPA must be more than 3.5(cumulative).
  3. Must be a junior.
  4. He should hold leadership roles on campus.
  5. The student has involvement and service towards Georgia tech and the community. And more

Selections are made between January and march every year.

For more information click here.

For freshmen:

Dean’s Scholarship:

It’s a four year scholarship of value $40000


  1. The student must be a citizen of US.
  2. He must be into Business administration from Atlanta University.
  3. Transfer students are not eligible.


Last date to apply this scholarship is Oct 15.

For more information on how to apply go the website

University of California UC Berkeley scholarship:

The scholarships are awarded for four year under graduate study in top universitites. The area of study should be within business, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences. The candidate must be a U.S. Citizen and a Permanent Resident.

TO check for your eligibility you need to fill the details on the application website. Go here for the purpose.

University of Mary scholarship for those students in military.

For students of university of Mary North Dakota an amount of $2,400 per semester is offered as scholarship. But it is meant for those students serving military and perceiving their education from University of Mary. They are expected to complete their graduation by use of these scholarships. This is aimed to help the students serving military complete their education.

For more details go to their website.

Morgridge- Bradley Tech Scholarship

The deadline for the scholarship has been extended to 30th April 2016.

For more details visit here.

College Match Scholarship:

This is a full four year scholarship worth of $20000 each. The student can avail tuition fee, boarding, travel expenses etc from this scholarship.

For more details go here. To apply directly go to this questbridge page.

Ohio County Community Foundation:

The application last date for the scholarship is 25th April 2016 by 4 pm

The scholarship is meant for all the students who are residents of ohio county since at least an year. The amount of scholarship is $1000 per candidate per scholarship cycle. And each student is given scholarship in three cycles.

Those who are succeful are eligible to apply for next level scholarship.

For more detail visit the ohio county website.

Susan M. Wing nursing scholarship:

The students who selected nursing as their career in Upper cape high school can apply for this Susan M. Wing Nursing Scholarship award.

The value of the scholarship is $1000 each year.


Last date for applying scholarship is May 1, 2016.


  1. He must be the resident of Bourne, Falmouth, Mashpee or Sandwich and also the high school senior of the same.
  2. The student must be accepted by university or college of nursing degree program.’
  3. They are able to demonstrate a need for financial aid.
  4. They have to complete scholarship application properly.
  5. They must be able to write an essay about why they chose nursing as career.
  6. High school transcript copy to be submitted.
  7. Letters of reference to be submitted by them.

Scholarship application:

For obtaining scholarship application please contact Deborah Lauder, Executive assistant, Cape Cod healthcare, Inc., 27 Park Street, Hyannis, MA 02601.

For more information click here

Louise Torraco Memorial scholarship for science:

The UNICO Foundation is announcing two scholarships for the students who enrolled for full time in an accredited college or university in US having interest to study any of physical science or Life sciences.

Value of the scholarship:

The value of the scholarship is $2500 each.


  1. Must be the citizen of US.
  2. He must be full time student.
  3. Having at least 3.0 GPA.
  4. The student must be attending university or a four year college.


Last date for applying this scholarship is Apr 15th 2017.

For more information about how to apply this scholarship sign up here

Studysoup Scholarship:

Study soup is a learning market place announcing scholarship for the academic year 2016-2017.

The value of the scholarship is $2000 each semester.


  1. The student must be more than sixteen years of age.
  2. He must be attending to high school.
  3. The student must be undergraduate or graduate.

How to apply:

You can find application here

Deadline for application:

Deadline for applying is Oct 1st 2016 for fall semester and Mar 1st 2017 for spring semester.

You can find more information here

New Scholarship for high school grads:

New scholarship was announced for high school grads who are performing excellent academic skills.


  1. High school grads with atleast 70% average.
  2. The students who are entering their first year in post secondary education.
  3. The students who contributes more to the Winnipeg and demonstrated excellent community leadership.


Last date for applying this scholarship is may 20th 2016.

For more information visit the website.

The Morgridge Scholarship- University of Wisconsin:

This scholarship is meant for those who are graduating or will graduate at

Lynde & Harry Bradley Technology & Trade High School. The scholarship can be availed for three years in case of full time study.

The last date for submission of application is April-15th 2016.

Requirements to be submitted.

  1. Completed scholarship application form.
  2. A letter of recommendation from your teacher or principal.
  3. Personal statement about your achievements and other extracurricular activities.

For more details visit University of Wisconsin page.

The University of Nebraska Omaha- Dreamers Pathway Scholars Program:

This scholarship is meant for undocumented students also called as dreamers. They are not given permanent US citizenship so they are hindered from getting regular grants. Hence this scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to such students to perceive their education.

For more details visit the university page.

The York College Community Opportunity Scholarship Program:

This scholarship is meant to encourage students from York College to perform better. It is awarded regardless of financial need. Besides one gets an opportunity to study in better institute around their home.

Students awarded this scholarship will also be given guidance during their high school years so that they can get credential required to be accepted to York College.

Also if one gets accepted to York College, the student will be provided four years of tuition free education. Besides they are also provided free room and boarding.

During their college, students are required to participate in activities that promote leadership and civic responsibility and that link them to potential employers in York.

For more details go to the community page.

Alaska aviation scholarships:

There are different scholarships offered under this program.

1. The Alaska Airmen Association scholarship: This will award 5 students. This is aimed to support cost of obtaining a private pilot certificate, careers in aviation management, aircraft maintenance and professional piloting. The application can be downloaded online at last date is 30th march 2016.

2. Alaska Ninety-Nines awards scholarships. These scholarships are meant especially for women above the age of 16 years. They should preferably be from Alaska. For application and more details, visit the page.

3. Alaska Aviation safety foundation scholarship: This scholarship is meant for those who are residents of Alaska at least for last two years. Be enrolled in an aviation program at an accredited institute or university. Must be willing to take up aviation as their career. For details go to the website The last date for filing the application for above two is Mach 31st 2016.

Bright side dental bright future scholarships:

This offers two scholarships of $1000. The applicants must be a high school senior with cumulative grade of 3.0. Once qualified, the candidate has to attend the schools within the Bright Side Dental Michigan service areas of Canton, Clarkston, Farmington, Livonia, Royal Oak, St. Clair Shores, Sterling Heights, Southfield, Bloomfield and/or Warren.

The last date is 13th march-2106. For application and more details visit bright side dental site.

Seattle Central allied health scholarships:

The scholarship is meant for students who are enrolled into an health related course or who plan to. They must be residents of Seattle and plan to attend or must be attending institutes within Seattle.

For more details you can go to

Fabricators and Manufacturers Association Foundation scholarship.

This is a scholarship worth of $2500. The student willing to apply must be

  • An undergraduate student attending a university or a technical school
  • Should study full-time and have a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Meant for students only studying materials science, engineering, and metallurgy, civil engineering, electrical engineering/electronics, chemical engineering, engineering/technology, trade/technical specialties, mechanical engineering, marine/ocean engineering, or heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics

The last date for application is Mar 31st, 2016. For more details visit Petersons page.

Western washington university Chemistry scholarship:

This is a scholarship offered for the term 2016/17.

The application has to be filled online. You can also contact for more details at

For application go to application page.

Suffolk Art League scholarship:

A scholarship of worth $2500 is available for 2016/17.

It is especially meant for student’s entering 6th to 12th grade school. They must live or attend institutes in Suffolk. The last deadline for application is April 21st.

Besides application, one needs to submit an essay and also a letter of recommendation from their teachers.

University of Oklahoma Law Center scholarship

Annual gift of $1,000 is available for students perceiving law at university of Oklahoma. This especially meat for those studying Legal Assistant Education Program. For more details go to this page of university.

Blanchard Valley Health System scholarships:

These are a set of scholarships meant especially for students pursuing health career courses. Of the list of scholarships available, most of them are aimed at students pursuing nursing courses.

Application due date is 1st of April 2016.

For more details regarding individual scholarship and application go to Blanchard Valley Health System

Northern New York Community Foundation

Northern New York Community Foundation is offering scholarships for traditional and non-traditional students. This might help you to avail financial help during your studies for the coming academic session.

The last date for application is the April 1st 2016 for traditional students. While it is June 1st 2016 for non-traditional students. You obtain application from area high school guidance offices or at their website. Check out Northern New York Community Foundation website.

GILFORD-The Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation.

This foundation offers scholarship for students who are legal residents of Gilford, Laconia and Belmont. This is meant for students going for higher education after their graduation.

The last date is April 1st 2016.

The application for these scholarships is April 1st-2016.

More details about the program can be found at official website.

The Rhode Island Foundation scholarship.

The foundation offers a total of 150 scholarships. The students ranging from mid school to post graduation can apply for them. These scholarships are meant for students of Rhode island. The scholarships range in between $1500 to $3000 per candidate.

The scholarship is meant for the cost of college tuition, room and board, fees and books.

The deadline for various scholarships ranges from April 22nd 2016 to June 15 2016. So hurry up.

More details of each scholarship can be found from their scholarships web page.

The Aultman Diversity and Inclusion Council

As the name indicates, the program has special prference to minorities besides other category people.
The Aultman Minority Inclusion Scholarship Fund is an award worth of $2,500 for two winners each Aultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences programs. A third scholarship will be available for a minority student who is attending an institute for an IT-related field of studies.
After an year, each scholarship recipient is also eligible to reapply. The reapplication amount is t max of $5,000 for an associate degree and a maximum of $10,000 for a bachelor’s degree.

Eligibility criteria:
1. Must be and US citizen and also a member of ether racial or ethnic minority group
2. Resident of any of the counties viz. Stark, Wayne, Tuscarawas, Carroll, Portage or Summit.
3. Genuine financial need.
4. Should have a minimum school GPA of 2.5.
5. The graduating senior must be entering a college with at-least 9 credit hours.
The scholarships can be applied here.
For more details go to the Aultman diversity and inclusion council page.

ACCSC Scholarship for Members of SkillsUSA.
Students enrolled in a SkillsUSA program can apply for a scholarship to attend the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC) in Louisville, Kentucky on June 20 – 24, 2016!
The last date for application is May-5th 2016.

1. Must enrolled for ACCSC-accredited school.
2. Also be a SkillsUSA member in good standing.
3. A gold medal winner at their state level competition.
For more details and application visit here.

Summer Research Grants by georgia college.

The students interested in summer research grant can apply through their teachers. Well designed research proposals will be awarded with the grants.

For more details visit. Georgial college summer research grants.

MC Donalds Scholarship:

Mc Donalds academic excellence scholarship is open to all Greater St. Louis-area high school seniors.


Last date to apply the scholarship is March 21 2016.

The value of the scholarship is $3000. It is one time.


The candidate must fill the application form with all required fields.

Application form can be downloaded from here.

Owen Security solutions scholarship:

Owen security solutions are accepting the applications for its second annual future scholarships.


Last date to apply this scholarship is Mar 25 2016.

The vaue of the scholarship is $500.


  1. The candidate should be the first responder.
  2. The student must be the resident of North Georgia.
  3. The student who has demonstrated scholastic achievement, civic engagement and leadership in his or her community.

You can find more information here

Louis Pollock Art Scholarship:

Applications are open for the High school seniors for West Hartford art League.

The value of the scholarship is $1500.


  1. The student must be from the region of 32 towns come under Greater Hartford.
  2. 2016 graduating high school seniors are eligible for this scholarship.


Last date for applying this scholarship is March 12 2016.

Application can be downloaded here.

Digital Federal Credit Union Scholarship:

Applications are open for the digital federal credit union for the academic year 2016.

The total value of the scholarship is $100,000. Each student will get the scholarship between $500-$2500.


  1. Scholarships are awarded to the students based on their academic merit, awards and recognition’s and more.
  2. This scholarship is open for DCU and non DCU members.


Last date to apply for this scholarship is March 25.

For more details click here

California state university System wide scholarships 2016-2017

The following scholarships are available for students studying at California state university.

1.      Glenn and Dorothy Dumke Fellowship

2.      Nathaniel R. and Valerie Dumont Scholarship

3.      Edison Graduate STEM Scholarship

4.      William & Janet Lahey Art Education and Visual Arts Scholarship Endowment

5.      Dale M. Schoettler Scholarship for Visually Impaired Students

6.      Robert M. O’Dell Endowed Scholarship in Public Administration

7.      Richard Leffingwell Scholarship

8.      CSU Trustees’ Awards for Outstanding Achievement

The above scholarships are in the range of $ 14, 00 to $10000. All of them have last date of application in 3rd and last week of April.

For more details go to the page here.

Carl and Camilla Rietman Foundation Scholarship Awards

Carl and Camilla Rietman Foundation Scholarship is meant for students who are residents of Coquille county. Any student who is perceiving or about to perceive can apply. This includes students of 4 year courses and others.

Application last date is April 15, 2016. You can find more details and application at Rietman Foundation

The Logan County Education Foundation scholarship

Scholarships are available for area students of logan county. There are 21 individual scholarships available. The award is in the range of $100 to $8,300.

To be eligible, the candidate must be

  1. Student from logan county
  2. A graduating public high school senior.

The applications are available online since Jan. 29. The last date for submission is 1st March 2016.

For more details and also application, go to logan county education foundation site.

The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts College Scholarships

The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc. is inviting application for scholarships for the session 2016-17.

This scholarship is meant for residents of Massachusetts. They must be either an undergraduate student or graduate students attending recognized universities or colleges. Undergraduate students also include high school seniors who are going to be freshmen in the Fall. There a total of 11 scholarships.

The scholarships are meant for students who are about to major in

Agronomy, architecture, biology, botany, city planning, conservation, environmental studies, floriculture, forestry, Horticulture, land management, landscape design and other allied subjects.


  1. Must be legal residents of Massachusetts for atleast 1 year.
  2. Have a minimum of B-average i.e. a scale of 3.0 to 4.0.
  3. Genuine financial need.

The last date for applications is 1st MARCH 2016.

The Scholarship Committee of GCFM determines the student’s eligibility based on the applications.

For more details you can visit GCFMS scholarship page.

Application form can be downloaded from here.

Department of Music Scholarship Auditions by Bemidji State University

Scholarships are available for those interested in music related course at Bemidji state university’s department of Music.

This scholarships helps one perceive a course in music i.e. Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education.

One have to appear for auditions on the Saturday, Feb. 20th for entrance into the program.

For more information visit Bemidji’s university page here.

Huntington University Scholarship day 2016.

High school senior willing to attend to college can apply for Huntington scholarship. Those interested need to visit the campus and take up scholarship challenge test in the subjects of choice.

For more information go to Huntington University page.

The Kurt Caselli Memorial Scholarship:

The Kurt Caselli Foundation is proud to announce scholarship for the academic year 2016.


  1. They must have at-least 2 years of racing experience.
  2. He should be US resident.
  3. Age of the student must be between 18-35 years.
  4. The student must have completed at-least one semester of ongoing schooling.
  5. They should have commitment to participate at-least one of the safety event with this foundation.

Value of the scholarship is $2500.

Last Date:

Deadline for online application of the Kurt caselli memorial scholarship is May1 2016.

For more information regarding this scholarship click here

One can find online applications here

East Tennessee Foundation scholarship applications open for 2016-17

East Tennessee foundation offers scholarships for students who are residents of east Tennessee for various study programs. There are different types of scholarships based on the county of residence, the course of study, the need etc. So one can check out the individual scholarship and apply.

The last date for the scholarships is March- 14 2016.

For more detail and application go to east Tennessee foundation page.

Scholarship for adults with Down syndrome

This is a scholarship worth by the Southern New Mexico Down Syndrome Families Scholarship Fund .

Those residing at  Dona Ana, Luna, Otero, or Sierra counties are only eligible to apply. The applicant  must be pursuing post-secondary studies or life skills training at an approved educational institution.

One must also submit an essay of 25o words with goals of future and also produce a recommendation.

More details can be had at

Harp and Grossnickle Scholarship:

These are two different sets of scholarships. One from Dr. J. Elmer Harp family Memorial Scholarship Fund and other from The Gloria M. Grossnickle Scholarship Fund. The harp scholarship is of $9,000 awarded for three students while even the Grossnickle is of $9,000 will award one scholarship applicant.

The students from the Middletown area who is studying or about to enter the field of medicine are eligible to apply. This Middletown area includes from Braddock Mountain (East), Washington County line (North), South Mountain (West), and the Potomac River (South).

Applicants have to  be a senior in high school and has applied to one or more of the post secondary institutions; Or he is enrolled in a college or university; or is a nontraditional student pursuing a post secondary education.

LNESC Emergency Scholarship Fund

This is a scholarships program awarded by LNESC and Macy’s. The amount of award is $2000.

This is specially meant for those who are in emergency financial need like

  1. Job loss
  2. Death of family member
  3. Theft or fire
  4. Natural disaster etc.

This scholarships is specially meant for those

  1. Residing at Florida, New York, Ohio, or Texas
  2. Enrolled for full-time in an accredited college or university with good performance.
  3. Having a CGPA of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale.

For more detail go here.

Beinecke Scholarship;

Beinecke Scholarship program offers a scholarship worth of $34,000.  This is meant for those students who perceive graduate studies in the arts, humanities, or social studies. They will be given $4000 before entry to the graduate program. The remaining fund will be awarded after joining and must be utilized within 5 years of the start of program.


  1. Must be a US citizen
  2. Willing to perceive a master or doctoral degree in the arts, humanities, or social studies.
  3. Must be recipient of Pell Grant at the University of Maryland as an undergraduate . Or at-least be able to show an equivalent level of underlying financial need.
  4. college junior pursuing a bachelor’s degree during the 2015-2016 academic year.
  5. Should have a minimum GPA of 3.8 and superior levels of intellectual ability, scholastic achievement during undergraduate career.

For more details regarding application and eligibility go to this page.

Greater Texas Foundation Scholarships:

The program offers a scholarship of $1000 to $4000 for 25 students.

The students must be graduate from Texas Early College High School.

Also they must be admitted to the University of Houston for Fall 2016.

University of Michigan’s Wolverine Pathways.

Wolverine Pathways offers 60 scholarships for 7th grade and 10th grade students.

This scholarship helps students in terms of tuition fee. The selection is based on attendance of students, the academic grade, participation in extracurricular activities and also students character.

For more details go here.

Financial Aid Scholarship by American psychological association:

Aid of $750 to $2,000 are available for award to undergraduate and graduate students. It is meant for those who have endured hardship with good academic performance.

The candidate must be full time student in undergraduate or graduate level.

Zoetis Veterinary Student Scholarship Program: Zoetis has partnered with Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) to sponsor a scholarship. This scholarship is applicable for the year 2016 to 2017 session.

It is meant for 2nd and 3rd year students perceiving veterinary courses. The amount of scholarship is $2000 per candidate.

Students must be enrolled in any of professional courses related to like food animal medicine, small animal clinical medicine, research, government services, public health, and organized veterinary medicine.

The selection criteria is based on academic excellence, financial need, diversity, sustainability, leadership and career path.

The application can be done from vetvance.

For more details visit here.

ARRL Foundation Scholarship Program:

The ARRl Foundation is accepting applications for the award of scholarship for the year 2016.

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is set to award 80 scholarships with in a range of $ 500 to $5000.

There is also one special scholarship for those students who are perceiving their higher education in business, medicine,  engineering or science.

Eligibility: Young radio amateurs planning to pursue higher education. They must be having an FCC license.

For more details go here.

National American University scholarship:

National American University providing scholarships like

Community college course initiative scholarship:
Application for community college course initiative scholarship can be downloaded here.

NAU Affiliate/corporate scholarship:
Application for NAU Affiliate/corporate  scholarship can be downloaded here.
NAU Dean scholarship:
Application for NAU Dean scholarship can be downloaded here.
NAU intensive Degree scholarship:

Application for NAU intensive degree scholarship can be downloaded here.

For more details go to the website

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion scholarships by OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY:

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is a part of Ohio State university which offer scholarships for students.It was founded to aid African American students predominantly. But it provides scholarships to all the students based on few criteria. These scholarships are aimed at helping students study college, study abroad etc. There are different categories pf scholarships as

a) Morrill scholars program#Life Lessons Scholarship Program 1

b) Freshman foundation

c) Endowed scholarships

d) Education Abroad

You can find more details here.

NJ Sharing Network Foundation Scholarship:

Only one scholarship available for academic year 2015 to 2016. The amount is $4000 per year i.e. $2000 per semester.

The application deadline is May 22nd.SCHOLARSHIPS IN USA-2016


1. Only student who is a New Jersey resident.

2. Must be within top 50% in the class.

3. Must be from a family affected to organ transplantation or an awareness advocate.

4. Must be full time high school senior, ready to enter college.

For more details refer to NJ Sharing Network Foundation Scholarship.

credit:Stuart Miles.

Scholarships are very important for perceiving higher education. They help you avoid or stop working and focus on studies and research. Also they act as academic achievements and build your reputation. They help you stand ahead than others and make a difference.

So go ahead without a delay and apply for suitable scholarships.