Uses of Ipads or tablets in education|Smart learning aids

Electronic gadgets like ipads and tablets are quite common among students these days. They are cheap, portable and attractive than routine laptop or desktop. They are mostly bough out of fantasy for gaming, to listen music, watch movies etc.

But these portable devices i.e. ipads & tablets come in handy even in education. They assist in learning in due their technology and easy to carry aspects. Though these are devices purchased by elders or even students for entertainment or fantasy, they can even be used wisely to enhance our skills in preparing for competitive exams or mastering languages etc.

uses of ipad in education


Application of ipads, tablets or smart phones in education:

1.Note taking: Note taking is common practice among students to keep a record of any lecture or class attended. This involved note book and pen previously but this note taking can be done in ipad/tablets quite easily by use of suitable software installed in them.

Further in case one is not interested to write, he can concentrate on the lecture with his device put in voice recording mode. The recorded lecture can be listened latter when required.

In case there are doubts which arise during self study at home etc., they can written or audio recorded to ask the teacher latter.

2: Referring books: There are many books for reference in the market which are provided in soft copy form along with hard copy. One can upload these soft-copy of books into their ipads/tablets and refer to them on the move or leisure time etc.

3: keeping track of events/programs: One can maintain a TO DO LIST to carry out any plans in proper way. Even time tables for different classes and periods in college or school can be kept in the devices and referred to when desired.

4: For search/browsing topics on internet: Since all the information is not available at one place or is tough to have books every where, one can browse the internet for information instantly in places where there is availability of cell signals.

5: Watching educational videos or virtual demonstrations: There are many you-tube videos etc for science and other education purposes. Even there are videos of practical demonstration of how to perform an experiment in labs etc. These video’s can be watched for better understanding and approach in any subject.

6. To use Apps meant for specific purpose: There are many education apps both for  free and paid ones on the net. These are meant for specific purpose like Apps for language learning, apps for chemistry, general knowledge, even apps for competitive exam preparation etc. One can install these apps on their ipads/tablets and use them when required.

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