16 Uses of chalkboard|For Better Teaching

Using black board (chalkboard) or interactive is a must for teaching in schools and colleges.

Though the technology has gone up with high visual interactive boards taking the place of chalkboards, the teaching with chalk board is still irreplaceable.

The chalk board has many advantages both for the teacher and also the students. Using the board makes the subject more narrative, easy to teach for the tutor and also let the student understand better.

# Use of chalkboard| in teaching


Advantages of chalk board for teachers:

  1. Ease of presentation: A teacher can easily deliver the subject by writing on chalkboard. Students do not like oral presentation without some writing done.
  2. In math’s use of black board with chalk to write problems is the only way of teaching to the students.
  3. For languages where students find it difficult for some spellings, teacher can scribble it on the board to copy.
  4. In science, for biology subject’s teacher can draw diagrams as this helps even students draw them in their books and thereby get practice for writing in exams.
  5. In physics derivation can be easily derived in a manner understandable to students by use of chalk board.
  6.  In chemistry stoichiometry of equation, formulas, chemical reactions can well be taught by use of a board.
  7. Gain attention and interest of students in subject: Students and audiences do not like long speech lectures. They may remain interested for first 10 min. or so and their minds stay away from class. This can be avoided by using chalk board writing. As both combination of hearing and writing will keep their attention and interest in class intact for a longer time.
  8. Writing on blackboards helps students take note of class. This class notes helps them to study the topic easily at homes or during exams.

Advantage for the students or audiences:

1. Ease of understanding: It is easier for pupil to understand the topic on black board as they see the method or procedure for some processes or theory.

2. Increased memory for particular topic or diagram:  For student seeing a topic on board is more memorable than just hearing it. It is true that memory of sight is better than memory gained by hearing or speech. It is true that we remember people better by faces and not by their names.

3. Ease of making notes: Many students will like to have a running notes of the class room teaching. This is because of ease of learning a student gets when he reopens the pages written during class room teaching. Writing on black board gives ample time for the students to make his/ her notes.

4. Stay attentive in class: Students listening to a teaching mixed with oral and written presentation stay more attentive than mere speech mode of demonstration.

5. Better vision: To the students sitting at the back (benches/chairs), writing on board helps them to see better if the teachers voice is not audible in some words or sentences.

Advantages of using chalkboard over expensive interactive boards:

a. Inexpensive teaching aid. The board and chalk used to write is cheaper than interactive boards or white boards.

b. Easily adoptable to everyone. Chalkboard look has aversion and so is acceptable for every one to see it.

c. Can be used in open air or room teachings. This is because of ease of carriage to the place, lack of requirement of electricity to power them unlike interactive boards and also they are not light reflective so can be see


1. Chalk broad is time consuming in topic coverage than interactive boards.

2. Less attractive and appealing than interactive boards.

3. Visual or virtual video presentation is not possible which are more clear in understanding a structure like of biology etc.

So the uses of chalkboard or interactive board is quite essential for teachers or tutors for better teaching.


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