Use of school uniform for students & children

Uniform is an obligation for many employees and students. The employees working for different positions/posts like pilot, chef, police, hospital etc generally wear it as professional requirement. But students perceiving courses at different levels like schooling, college etc wear it for other reasons.

Though this uniform is meant for identity of job for employees, but its necessary for school children was a question from my childhood days. Once a science teacher gave us a funny and interesting clarification regarding this issue.

Use of school uniform:

As per her the different reasons of uniform to school going children are as mentioned below.

♠ Dress: Lets assume dress to be shirt, pant and/ gown in some cases. This is mainly fixed for reasons like

♠ Prevent disparity or unequal feeling among children. This is needed because a guy of rich family may wear a good attractive dress than his fellow student who may not be able to afford. So fixed uniform can minimise this feeling greatly and help student focus on their study aspects.

♠ Dress of the uniform also indicates that he/she is a student and also since this uniform is unique for every  school in terms of colour or design of dress, the students and faculty can identify if he belongs to their own school or college.

♠ Shoe: My teacher gave a really interesting explanation about this. As per her, the shoe in growing school children helps their toes of the feet to assume a composed and closed structure avoiding any gaps in between. Thus wearing a shoe contributes to proper shape of the toes of the feet.

If you want to clarify, check out those guys who regularly wore shoe during their childhood and those who did not. You will notice a clear difference in toe arrangement.

♠ Further shoe minimize chances of injury to the foot of the children and students as they cover entire foot. In case students are working in labs, they protect feet from injury by accidental slippage of acids, harmful chemicals etc on to them.

♠ Tie: This is even humorous. As per her tie covers the buttons of the shirt from appearance to the opposite people. Further it fixes the collar in a tight format giving  a professional look.

♠ Belt: This is mean to cover the buttons or hooks of the pant or gown and also help in tight fastening of pant to the hip.

Even more both Tie and belt also have a definite color unique to the school or institute.

I.D card: Provides identity of student to others as it includes name, address, designation etc.

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