Animal Rights Essay| Outline and Ideas for Better Article.

Animal rights is a kind of human kindness to animals such that we do not cause pain or harm them.

But on the contrary, we are dependent on them for food, research and other purposes through which we induce unbearable pain on them.

So writing an animal rights argumentative essay is quite controversial.

Animals are similar to humans in many ways, like they do have emotions, memories and also attachments.

Since they are weaker and sometimes dependent on humans for their life, they tend to be begging for mercy from us.

But due to our attitude of dominance on the weaker subjects, we have a disregard for the rights of animals.

A man can live without harming them if there is a commitment to abstain from causing them pain, but since they are weaker, we tend to take them for granted.
animal rights essay

So, there are animal rights movements to preserve the dignity of animals.

Animal rights essay outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Description of the pros and cons
  3. Conclusion.

Since animal rights essay is controversial, we tend to either support or criticize it.

So you should write it based upon your views, like if you are in support or against it.

For this, put down proper facts and quotes in support of our beliefs.

But I being a pharmacologist as well as a farmer, naturally, my opinions go against animal cruelty. \

You can have your views in this regard.

Animals rights essay introduction

Here you must start with the human use of animals for food, clothing, medicine, and experimentation.

Also, we can mention the different types of animals we use for our purposes like travel, transport and agriculture.

For food, we depend on a few birds, fishes, and cattle.

While for research and experimental studies, we use rodents, frogs, dogs, monkeys, pigs, etc.

And many nations have rules to prevent cruelty to animals.

The animal rights activists of different types.

  • The first set of people are vegetarians or even vegans who oppose the use of animals or animal products for food.
  • The second category of individuals are either vegetarians or non-vegetarians but are animal lovers. They are against killing and cruelty to innocent animals like stray dogs, rodents. They oppose the killing of wild animals, euthanasia, the killing of stray dogs and even experimentation on animals.

♥ And we have people who are not comfortable with animal rights.

They argue against their right to food by the use of animals, or safety from stray animal attacks, or due to their requirement of animals for research.

Animal rights argumentative essay discussion.

The argument part of the article will let you put your views and opinions about animal rights. It is the place to open up your thought in full.

If you support animal rights and are against cruelty to animals, then you can mention points on

a) Why you are opposed to it, i.e., sympathy for innocent beings, love of nature and environment, etc. Their contribution to the environment and humanity.

b) Support your views by mentioning how one can avoid cruelty to animals.

If it is regarding the use of animals for food, you can say how to get the required nutrition from plant sources.

Even the human digestive system is lengthier akin to herbivores. This indicates the need to adopt a vegetarian diet by man.

You can also convey how animals food is injurious to health with references from health publications. Like meat is rich in fat and not good for one’s heart and digestive system.

Also, animal food can be contagious and lead to infection to humans who will then spread to the whole human population.

A recent pandemic is an example that is believed to have spread from the animal wet market.

Besides, you can mention the dangers of extinction of animals due to the human exploitation. This is due to activities like euthanasia, poaching and even smuggling.

And people involved in research on animals do not tend to handle them with care. Some of them don’t feed them properly or take care of them as they feel it is a financial burden.

Further, you can mention your expectations from the governments regarding rules to be framed and also an option for proper care of animals, especially regarding health centers for wounded animals.

animal rights essay

Then concerning the use of animals for study and experimentation, you can argue against animal use by

  • Mentioning means to study experiments by use of virtual lab videos, animal testing simulation software, etc.
  • If it is for testing of new drugs or food on animals, one can choose alternatives like in vitro and ex vivo studies where we use animal biomolecules or lab-grown animal cells to explore the effect of new drugs.

If you are against animal rights, then your argument should deal with

  1. Food dependence and their nutritious value.
  2. Economic factors as many businesses are dependent on animals like biotechnology, dairy products, poultry, etc.
  3. Experimental requirements as some toxic drugs need to be tested only on animals as an alternative to humans, as you consider human lives to be more precious.
  4. Also, you can cite some examples of how animals were used for experimentation and the official results obtained.

Animal rights essay conclusion

By the time you complete your description, you mostly have expressed yourself to the fullest. A reader who sees your essay would be able to judge whether you are a supporter of animal rights or against animal rights.

So in the discussion, you can mention your thoughts on how you expect society and the governments to mend their ways regarding animal usage, their treatment, and care.

If you are against animal rights, it would still earn you positive points from others if you show some sympathy for animals by mentioning how to treat them with compassion and love through you support their use for human activities.

If you are a supporter of animal rights, then you can defend yourself by saying how in the name of animal experimentation, many people misuse them.

Some people experiment on animals just for academic requirements or scientific publications.

Also, if we compare the number of tests on animal done and the number of actual contributions to human welfare, it will be quite horrible to see the gap.

Because in most cases, experiments are designed with the just academic goal in mind but not a human contribution.

Even many drug lead molecules fail by the time they come to the market; it is entirely possible that they could be designed well, taking up animal studies.

So you can ask for more stringent rules for governments to minimize animal suffering during experimentation.

Also, if experimentation is genuinely needed, they need to take care to inflict minimal or no pain on animals.

Regarding animal’s use as food, you could mention avoiding excess use of animals for food in the name of parties and entertainment.

Further animal food contributes to environmental pollution, which would, in turn, affect us.

And finally, you can wind up saying, “Environment is not complete without these animals.

So being powerful and stronger, humans should not inflict pain on these weaker living beings.

But instead, take precautions to safeguard them as a part of high moral values.”

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