Death Penalty Essay| 9 Tips on Pros & Cons Argumentative Essay

Death Penalty Essay Introduction

This penalty is a capital punishment offered by courts or even administrators for those guilty in some severe cases.

This punishment is an age-old practice and has been practiced in all parts of the world for centuries by kings, rulers, and governments.

The death penalty is a punishment wherein the person is put to death by force.

This is given by use of hanging, gunfire or even poison administration depending on the laws of the country.

In the past, these punishments were even harsh as most of them were based on the order of kings and monarchs.

But now due to voices of concerns of democracy and citizens of the country,  the methods of executing the penalty are less violent.

death penalty essayy

Even, Jesus Christ was crucified as per scripts and in some countries, beheading with a sword is still practiced.

While other nations use gunfire and hanging practices to amend the sentence.

There are international criticisms regarding this punishment.

Governments are not ready to oblige due to their perceived reasons. So the essay can support the penalty or criticize it based on the points below.

Against Death Penalty Essay

Cons and arguments Against this penalty include

  1. Cruelty
  2. No suffering than instant pain
  3. Chances of punishing innocents
  4. Chances of loss of evidence
  5. Chances of vengeance


  1. The Decrease in crime rate.
  2. Social acceptance of intensity of punishment to the guilty
  3. Minimal costs for the governments
  4. Elimination of criminals.

Cruelty: For many offenses like drug smuggling, theft, etc., the award of death penalty seems to be so cruel. Many critics argue that imprisonment or fines will be sufficient instead of direct death punishment. Because an offender can change his nature if he is given proper counseling and education. So it would be wiser to give them less harsh penalties and thereby give extra time for a change in their attitude.

No suffering than instant pain: Some critics also view that death punishment is less harsh than life imprisonment. For those who caused intense pain to others for a long duration, giving them a very brief pain as death punishment is so little and not desirable. For them, it is correct to give long-term pain like imprisonment long. This not only gives them the pain regarding the loss of freedom, career, and family but also a chance to change for the better and even encourage them to serve the society.

Chances of punishing innocents: Sometimes innocents may be found guilty and given the harsh penalty. Later if they are found to be innocent, then it would be too late to provide them with an acquittal. Also many times it is true that the personnel like police, the lawyer involved in chasing the case will make mistakes. So, the ethics of non-punishment of innocent by law will be under question.

Chances of loss of evidence: In few countries, the punishment is given within short trial. In such cases, there may not be sufficient time for the law to gain further evidence against others involved along with this convict. So avoidance of the penalty may give time for the law to investigate the case further.

Chances of vengeance: This is interesting and seems to have happened many times. The relatives and well-wishers of the convicts who are awarded the punishment appear to take revenge against the country or law by committing crimes against the common public. There are many incidents of such happenings as a token of vengeance.

Death penalty persuasive essay

Pros and arguments in support of this penalty.

Decrease in crime rate: Death penalty was devised to create fear among those who tend to make crimes. So awarding the guilty with the death penalty would reduce the crime rate as fear prevents from committing crimes. This view is also correct in many instances.

Social acceptance of intensity of punishment to the guilty: The family members or well-wishers of the people who became victims of the criminal act will be satisfied thinking justice is done of by award of such harsh punishment.

Minimal costs for the governments: Death penalty will decrease the cost of maintenance of the convicts. It is true that millions are spent on maintaining and providing facilities to the only offender sometimes. If this punishment is given, then all such maintenance is saved.death penalty protest

Elimination of criminals. If an offender is giving minimum sentence, there is a chance that he gets out and commits a further offense. He will be again convicted but again released. So the number of criminals will be as usual. Giving such execution punishments would minimize them.

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