Heart Disease Essay| With Causes and Symptoms Outline

The heart is one of the vital organs in the body which functions non-stop.

Its role is so critical that, stoppage of its beat could lead to death.

It beats at a rate of 72 times/min in a healthy individual. And also it pumps out 80ml of blood at each pulse.

The blood vessels known as arteries carry away pure blood from the heart to different tissues of the body.

The veins bring the impure blood from various parts of the body.

Thus heart acts as a pumping machine to assist blood circulation.

This heart can suffer from many diseases which affect the quality of life of the patient as well as his lifespan.

Heart disease essay

Six major types of heart disorders are.

  1. Cardiac failure
  2. Cardiac arrhythmia
  3. Coronary heat disease (Angina pectoris).
  4. Myocardial infarction
  5. Heart stroke
  6. Congenital heart disease

Cardiac failure: Also called as heart failure is a condition wherein the heart is unable to pump sufficient blood. This situation leads to stagnation of blood in the body causing accumulation of fluids in the body. Also due to an insufficient oxygen supply, the patient feels weak and gets tired soon.

Heart Disease Essay

This results due to the decrease in the capacity of heart muscles to contract forcefully to empty out blood from the heart chambers.

Cardiac arrhythmias: This is a condition of irregular heartbeat. Heartbeats rhythmically due to regular contractions of its upper chambers (auricles) and the lower chamber (ventricles). These regular contractions are possible due to the electrical conductivity inside the heart muscle. In arrhythmias, this conduction of electric impulse is disturbed lead in abnormal heartbeats.

These arrhythmias are of different types like atrial arrhythmias and ventricular arrhythmias. Interestingly, the world health organization is against the use of medicines for this condition due to the chances of further damage to the heart. They can be diagnosed with the use of ECG (electrocardiograph) shown above.

Angina pectoris: This is also called coronary heart disease. In this state, the coronary artery supplying blood to the heart is clogged or congested.

This clogging leads to an insufficient supply of oxygen and glucose to the heart muscle leading to chest pain, sweating, vomiting, etc. These symptoms further may result in a heart attack or arrest culminating in death.

Myocardial infarction: The muscles of the heart are weakened and damaged over a period due to excess fat and cholesterol accumulation in the heart. This condition leads to either heart failure or even heart attack.
Heart attack: This is a condition of lack of oxygen supply to the cardiac muscle. This disease can be due to angina wherein there is an obstruction to the blood supply to the heart or due to spontaneous contraction of the vessel leading to heat stroke and death.

Congenital heart disease: This is a disorder occurring from birth. It happens in a few people due to genetic defects. Sometimes they can be diagnosed during pregnancy. This disorder mostly involves abnormalities in the valves of the heart leading to mixing of pure blood with impure one. Patent ductus arteriosus is one of the examples of this type of disease.

Heart disease essay conclusion:

Anyone can be susceptible to there disorders and would have survived with it. But the chances of getting them is higher in those with smoking, alcoholism and high-fat diet intake. Also, those with a psychological illness like depression and anxiety also suffer from them.

To keep away from heart disorder avoid sedentary life, cultivate walking, yoga and other physical exercises.

Here is a write up for your introduction, outline, and conclusion of heart disease essay. You will also learn types of heart diseases, causes, and symptoms.

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